New Testament Worship

Below you will find examples of appropriate New Testament worship. It’s not this loud rock, rap or even the godless CCM (contemporary “Christian” music) that is played in most “churches” today. It’s true worship from the heart & soul! For a complete teaching on what biblical, New Testament worship is, click here

 Psalm 1 Acapella.mp3

 Psalm 2 Acapella.mp3

 Psalm 3 Acapella.mp3

 Psalm 4 Acapella.mp3

 Psalm 5 Acapella.mp3

 Psalm 6 Acapella.mp3

 Psalm 23 Acapella.mp3

 Psalm 42 Acapella.mp3

 Psalm 43 Acapella.mp3

 Psalm 84 Acapella.mp3

 Psalm 85 Acapella.mp3

 Psalm 87 Acapella.mp3

 Psalm 93 Acapella.mp3

 Psalm 100 Acapella.mp3

 Psalm 101 Acapella.mp3

 Psalm 110 Acapella.mp3

 Psalm 113 Acapella.mp3

 Psalm 117 Acapella.mp3

 Psalm 121 Acapella.mp3

 Psalm 125 Acapella.mp3

 Psalm 128 Acapella.mp3

 Psalm 133 Acapella.mp3


 Psalm 119 1-8.mp3

 Psalm 119 9-16.mp3

 Psalm 119 17-24.mp3

 Psalm 119 25-32.mp3

 Psalm 119 33-40.mp3

 Psalm 119 41-48.mp3

 Psalm 119 49-56.mp3

 Psalm 119 57-64.mp3

 Psalm 119 65-72.mp3

 Psalm 119 73-80.mp3

 Psalm 119 81-88.mp3

 Psalm 119 89-96.mp3

 Psalm 119 97-104.mp3

 Psalm 119 105-112.mp3

 Psalm 119 113-120.mp3

 Psalm 119 121-128.mp3

 Psalm 119 129-136.mp3

 Psalm 119 137-144.mp3

 Psalm 119 145-152.mp3

 Psalm 119 153-160.mp3

 Psalm 119 161-168.mp3

 Psalm 119 169-176.mp3


 #111 In The Gospel Hymns_ Footsteps of Jesus.mp3

 #36 in the Hymns of Zion_ The Babe of Bethlehem.mp3

 Whisperings of Jesus.mp3

 Trust and Confidence.mp3

 The Real Longing For Home.mp3

 Take The Name Of Jesus With You.mp3

 Psalm of Praise.mp3

 Psalm 126.mp3

 Praise him in the sanctuary.mp3

 On Jordan’s Stormy Banks I Stand.mp3

 O That I Were With Jesus!.mp3

 Majestic Sweetness Sits Enthroned.mp3

 Lord, I Am Fondly, Earnestly Longing.mp3

 Just as I Am.mp3

 Jesus, Rose of Sharon.mp3

 In the Sweet By and By.mp3

 I’d Rather Have Jesus.mp3

 I Stand Amazed (How Marvelous).mp3

 Gospel Plow.mp3

 Crown of Glory.mp3

 All Hail the Power of Jesus’ Name.mp3

 #295 in the Hymns of Zion_ Come Unto Me.mp3

 #290 in the Hymns of Zion_ Revive Us Again.mp3

 #252 in the Zion’s Harp_ The Christian’s Cross.mp3

 #237 in the Zion’s Harp_ Unity.mp3

 #237 in the Zion’s Harp_ Unity or Egység.mp3

 #235 in the Hymns of Zion_ Song of Praise.mp3

 #221 in the Zion’s Harp_ Christ the Foundation.mp3

 #220 in the Zion’s Harp_ Boundless Mercy.mp3

 #212 in the Zion’s Harp_ The 23rd Psalm.mp3

 #198 in the Zion’s Harp_ Our Conversation is in Heaven.mp3

 #192 in the Zion’s Harp_ Awake Ye Witnesses.mp3

 #191 in the Tabernacle Hymns_ Sweet By and By.mp3

 #188 in the Zion’s Harp_ Redeeming Our Time.mp3

 #184 in the Zion’s Harp_ Behold the Lamb of God.mp3

 #176 in the Zion’s Harp_ The Word of Life.mp3

 #176 in the Hymns of Zion_ Jesus Loves Me.mp3

 #167 in the Zion’s Harp_ Jesus the Friend of Children.mp3

 #164 in the Zion’s Harp_ The Image of Christ.mp3

 #163 in the Zion’s Harp_ The Covenant of Grace.mp3

 #161 in the Hymns of Zion_ What A Friend We Have In Jesus.mp3

 #159 in the Zion’s Harp_ Self Sacrifice.mp3

 #139 in the Hymns of Zion_ A Beautiful Life.mp3

 #125 in the Hymns of Zion_ We Shall Sleep But Not Forever.mp3

 #156 in the Hymns of Zion_ Blest Be the Tie (Sang in Hungarian).mp3

 Üdvteli érzet (Blessed Assurance sang in Hungarian).mp3

 #439 en Himnos de la Iglesia_ Cuando allá se pase lista (When the Roll is Called Up Yonder).mp3

 #460 en Himnos de la iglesia_ El Amigo de Los Niños.mp3

 #79 in the Zion’s Harp_ The Union of Hearts (Sang in Hungarian).mp3