Month: February 2022

Proper Biblical Evangelism


We are looking at the question: Are Christians allowed to almost force people to salvation?  The question is based on Luke 10:1-3. I think this a very good question because virtually no one will say that we are able to force people to salvation, but some do act like theyRead More


Local Church Real Property Oversight & End of Life Planning

Can a church/ fellowship own property? I mean the kind of property owned cooperatively by all the brethren in church. Yes, it sure can. In fact, the property should be under the legal name of the church/fellowship preferably registered with the government to make it legal in your jurisdiction. IfRead More

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Israel Study

I want to do a study explaining the spiritual state of Modern Israel and of the Jewish people in general.  It is obvious to any student of the Bible that this is an important thing to have a solid understanding of, yet many don’t, even though it is no mysteryRead More

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Lost Sheep – Calling Peter Satan – The Devil & Jesus

Question #1: Why did Jesus tell a Canaanite woman crying out to him, “I am not sent but unto the lost sheep of the house of the Israel” when he was sending his disciples (Mathew 10:6) told them but go rather to the lost sheep of the house of Israel?Read More

Outreach Preaching - Biblical Evangelism

Outreach Preaching – Biblical Evangelism – Real Church Planting

Doing evangelism whether within our villages or far away (distance preaching with church planting) is honoring the great commission command given by the Lord Jesus Christ. Now to be evangelistically effective & successful, brethren in every church/fellowship need to set up an evangelism system that guides them and eventually becomesRead More


Relationship Between Neighbors

AUDIO TEACHING ABOVE STUDY NOTES BELOW The questions we’re dealing with in this Bible study here have to do with relationships between neighbors. Basically we’re looking at how to love, help, and relate to our neighbors of other religions; or we could also sum it up as how we areRead More