Month: October 2023


The 70 Weeks of Daniel Briefly Explained

We find the prophecy which is commonly called The Seventy Weeks of Daniel in the Book of Daniel 9:24-27.  Read the chapter from the beginning to better understand the context.   Daniel 9:24 (the angel Gabriel is speaking to Daniel): “Seventy weeks are determined upon thy people and upon thy holyRead More

Thoughts Related to Daniel Chapter 12

It’s important to understand that Daniel chapter 12 is a continuation of the particular visitation which Daniel received from an angel in the third year of Cyrus the King of Persia (10:1).  The angel seems likely to be Gabriel, though he was not expressed by name in these particular chapters. Read More

The First Family & Other Bible Questions Answered

1) The real meaning of Genesis 4:15-16.  Who were this people in the land of Nod?  To me I think Adam and Eve were the first family. They were the first family for sure.  We see in Genesis 4:25-26 that Seth, who was next in the genealogical line from AdamRead More

Do Jacob and David in the Bible Justify Liars?

Jacob’s brother Esau despised his birthright, the birthright related to being the firstborn son (Esau came out of the womb before Jacob his twin).  When his father Isaac was very old and actually sought to confer the blessing of his father Abraham on his firstborn son, Esau had already despisedRead More

Why is Jesus Important in our Life?

We have no chance of being reconciled to God and being justified before Him without Jesus Christ.  If sin is not atoned for, we cannot repent and be forgiven.  If we cannot repent and be forgiven, we cannot be holy to the Lord.  If we cannot be forgiven and alsoRead More

Can children inherit their parent’s sins through birth & Expound on 1 Timothy 5:24.

1)  In the context of Numbers 14 and Lamentations chapter 5, yes!  Children can inherit their parent’s sins (in terms of consequences which is what these passages are dealing with).   The Israelites children suffered for 38 years in the wilderness due to their choice not to believe God and courageouslyRead More

Modern Israel’s Wars Are Not the Faithful Christian’s Wars

What do Korah, Dathan, Abiram, Achan the son of Carmi, Abimelech the son of Gideon, the sons of Eli the priest, Absalom the son of David, Jeroboam the son of Nebat, Ahab the husband of Jezebel, the elders of Israel who opposed Jeremiah the prophet, and the leaders of IsraelRead More

The Evil of Wearing Clerical Garments

Wearing clerical garments is a form of pomp and self-exaltation.  Plain and simple.  Doing this serves no good purpose whatsoever. Israel’s Levitical Priesthood was the only exception. This is not coming against God-ordained modesty (like a woman wearing a head covering) and being conservative in dress.  If dressing with modestyRead More

Ruckmanism(Extreme KJV Only-ism) Explained and Found Wanting

There is a fringe of professing Bible believers who hold the King James version of the Bible (which is an excellent translation of the Bible by the way) with a regard that is inappropriate and ridiculous.  This regard is a false holiness which doesn’t actually help anyone believe and walkRead More

The Jewish Talmud

The Jewish Talmud

1st, I love the Jewish people just as I love all people.  As a born again Christian, it is my Biblical duty to contend for the faith and Judaism clearly denies Jesus Christ as the Savior and the Talmud openly desecrates His holy name. The Jews hate Jesus (GOD). TheRead More