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Church Rules & Discipline

A 2 PART AUDIO STUDY BELOW: PART 1 – GMFC Bible Study – Church & Fellowship.mp3 PART 2 – GMFC Bible Study – Church & Fellowship.mp3 Church rules and discipline are necessary because the Church represents Christ and the church member’s represent the church (so the church members represent ChristRead More

Do Not Yoke With Heretics – Unequal Yoking Rebuked

Rebuke false brethren out of love for their souls. If they don’t repent after the 1st or second admonition, mark them as heretics, reject them & separate. Move on! Does God not have you busy day and night to not bother with such people who walk not in the Spirit?!? NEVER,Read More

True Biblical Fellowships – Church

VISITING A CHURCH – FIRST CENTURY, A.D. During the first century A.D. there was great turmoil; for God’s Son, Jesus Christ, had come as promised for thousands of years by Old Testament prophets; and had set up the New Testament or New Covenant between God and mankind. The Apostles ofRead More