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True Biblical Worship – Musical Instruments?

We have a 3 part audio teaching immediately below named “Discernment on Music”. A much needed study on what biblical music/worship looks like. A great text study is below too. You may also click the “music” menu link above for godly music and here for a teaching on the demonicRead More

Kari Jobe – Another NAR Heretic

Wake up! The apostasy and lack of discernment is at an all time high! How can anyone who proclaims the name of Jesus Christ not recognize the dismal state of the professing church? Words cannot even begin to describe the how far away the church is from Christ in these days. The attractions, theRead More

Contemporary Christian Music: Inspired by God or deceived by devil?

Before we get to the post, let’s see what one of the pioneers of CCM said back 20 years ago after being a leader in the industry for 26 years! For a complete study on biblical music, click here. Thank GOD he repented of this filth. CCM (Contemporary Christian Music) isRead More