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The Deception Involved in Christmas

The Deception Involved in Christmas

It is a revealing thing that many exceedingly love Christmas who, by their own admission, are not faithful Christians.  They put up Christmas trees, Christmas ornaments, they hang wreaths, hang mistletoe, etc.  You sure do not need a significant amount of spiritual discernment to see that someone who goes allRead More

The Error of Judaizing Exposed Part 2

The Error of Judaizing Part 2

We have a lot to cover here and it will be longer than the recent studies have been, but we should also be able to move fast and cover a lot for the time this takes. Click here for part 1 and listen 1st then come back here. In partRead More



Santa – The False god Of Christmas Parents have been teaching their children the following things about “Santa Claus”: SANTA IS OMNISCIENT He knows how children behave throughout the year. The familiar song says, “He knows if we’ve been good or bad.” Also he knows exactly what children want forRead More

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The Appalling True Meaning Of “Christ-Mass”

I plead with anyone who condones, in any way, pagan days like x-mass, easter, etc. to read below and then listen to the audio teaching on this very subject. Celebrating these pagan days at all is sin, and sin leads to hellfire, forever. The institutional church pleases worldly men byRead More

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Halloween or Jesus?!?! You can’t have both!

Well, it is that time of year again when the undiscerning “believer” is fooled into the practices of the occult and encouraged by their “church”  by a different name. Yes, even if you call it a “Fall Festival” it is still observing and serving the enemy, Satan himself. Here isRead More

The Nativity Deception

So much deception that people believe as “truth”. This is posted with permission. Christ’s Birth (The following is taken from “Freedom From Sin: Do You Have It?” It is copyrighted, 2016.) Bible Sketch Let’s look at probably the most famous story in the Bible: the nativity. We’ve heard it sinceRead More

Should Christians Celebrate Mother’s Day?

While 21,000 CHILDREN die daily from man-made poverty because the developed world celebrates it’s greedy self, the rest of the world STARVES! Godless! It is the “second largest U.S. consumer spending holiday” according to the National Retail Federation. Estimates suggest that Americans will spend more than $14 billion this year at restaurants,Read More