Month: January 2024


Book of Philemon Study

The Book of Philemon (Fih-lee-mun) is one of the shortest books of the Bible.  It is an epistle from the Apostle Paul to a Christian named Philemon over a personal matter which will be explained clearly by the substance of the epistle. Philemon 1:1-3: Paul doesn’t rebuke Philemon for notRead More

Book of Titus Study

Titus 1:1 The faith of God’s elect= The faith of Jesus Christ as it is revealed in Scripture.  God’s elect are those who believe in Jesus Christ by obediently walking in the light of His Word which testifies of that faith. “Acknowledging” here= epignosis in the Greek text; experiential knowledge. Read More

2nd Timothy Chapter 4 Study

2 Timothy 4:1: Christ will return to reign.  The Book of Daniel makes it clear that the Messiah will reign over all forever, yet it also speaks of the Messiah being killed for the sake of others (see Daniel 9:25-26).  Psalm 110 is another clear example from the Hebrew ScripturesRead More

The Godless Bangladesh Baptist Church Shangha (BBCS)

The Bangladesh Baptist Church Shangha is simply another eucumenical denomination that has nothing to do with the One True God. Jesus is not at all in this cult and never has been. It’s founded on William Carey, a wicked 5 point Calvinist that preached a false gospel that does notRead More

2nd Timothy Chapter 3 Study

2 Timothy 3:1: Times that are savage and hard to bear in terms of departing from iniquity and being faithful to the Lord.  The train of thought from 2:19 has never been abandoned.  Paul has only made some important comments in relation to that in between then and here. 3:2:Read More

What if my Parents or Grandparents Died Catholic – Baptist – Pentecostal/Charismatic or ANY Other Denomination (including the Lukewarm Revelation 3:16 Non-Denominational Cults)?

The original question: Hello dear brother Aaron, someone very close to me just asked a very good question after reading your Roman Catholic tract. The question is, she made an example of her grandparents, of course long dead, but she said ‘they were born into Catholicism and that’s all theyRead More

2nd Timothy Chapter 2 Study

2 Timothy 2:1: Paul had been talking in chapter one about the holy calling of Christ’s Gospel and how affliction is inevitable as one walks according to its terms in obedience to Christ.  In Timothy’s case, he should press forward in his duties as a Gospel minister undeterred.  Paul isRead More

2nd Timothy Chapter 1 Study

2 Timothy 1:1: Paul was sent to proclaim the true grace of God in Jesus Christ along with its terms and conditions. 1:2-3: Paul served God in line with how He has made Himself known in the Jewish Scriptures.  The Jewish Scriptures promised and foreshadowed the Messiah’s first coming toRead More

1st Timothy Study 

1 Timothy 1:1-3: Paul had rather recently left Timothy to oversee the Christian fellowship which he had planted at Ephesus.  1:4: This would include what is known as the Apocryphal Books.  Paul may have especially had these in mind here.  They were rejected by the Jewish nation as inspired Scripture. Read More

“The Chief of Sinners” Meaning in Context (1 Timothy 1:13-16)

(See our coming study on 1 Timothy for the text) The word translated as first in 1 Timothy 1:16 is also “protos” in the original Greek. 1 Timothy 1:16: “Howbeit for this cause I obtained mercy, that in me first Jesus Christ might shew forth all longsuffering, for a patternRead More