Highway to HELL (Rock & Rap Music)


“No stop signs, speed limit, nobody’s gonna slow me down.

Like a wheel, gonna spin it, nobody’s gonna mess me around

Hey Satan, payin’ my dues, playin’ in a rock and roll band

Hey mumma, look at me, I’m on my way to the promised land.

I’m on the highway to hell, the highway to hell!”

AC DC singer Bon Scott died at the age of 33. His doctor said; “He drank himself to death.”

“The fear of the Lord prolongeth days: but the years of the wicked shall be shortened.” Proverbs 10:27

Oh, how Satan is a great liar. Jesus said of him in John 10, “The thief cometh not, but for to steal, and to kill, and to destroy:” People believe the devil’s lie that hell is a joke and they will meet their friends there and have a drunken party. Satan steals their minds, he also leads them into a life of drugs, sex, and drunkenness, that leads to destructive lives for them and others who follow them. This lifestyle destroys everything in it’s path. These musicians have a short party on earth but the party will not even begin in hell.

The Bible says, people who reject Jesus Christ will be screaming in horror and torment in the lake of fire. “In flaming fire taking vengeance on them that know not God, and that obey not the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ.” 2 Thessalonians 1:8. The lake of fire is the final destination for Christ rejecters. It is a lake of liquid brimstone and hotter than the sun’s surface. It is also a place of absolute darkness, despair and solitary confinement. God will not be mocked by evil men and women, who scorn and deride, the name of Jesus and the cross He died on for their sins.

11.”Woe unto them that rise up early in the morning, that they may follow strong drink; that continue until night, till wine inflame them! 12. And the harp, and the viol, the tabret, and pipe, and wine, are in their feasts: but they regard not the work of the LORD, neither consider the operation of his hands. 13. Therefore my people are gone into captivity, because they have no knowledge: and their honourable men are famished, and there multitude dried up with thirst. 14. Therefore hell hath enlarged herself, and opened her mouth without measure: and their glory, and their multitude, and their pomp, and he that rejoiceth shall descend into it.” Isaiah 5:11-14

This is a picture of a rock concert way back in the days of Isaiah. This lifestyle has been going on since the days Noah and the flood. The worst part of rock and roll is it incites the wicked flesh and separates the mind from God. It does this by changing the emotions of the hearer. Notice in verse 12 “but they regard not the work of the LORD, neither consider the operation of his hands.” Rock and roll musicians only want to glorify themselves which is right out of the devil’s playbook. Isaiah 5:20 says, “Woe unto them that call evil good, and good evil; that put darkness for light, and light for darkness; that put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter.” Just look at what they call good, leads too….sexual diseases, fornication, pornography, violence, rape, victims in automobile wrecks, murder, suicide, theft, fights, lust, drunkenness, drug abuse, abortion, and broken homes and lives.

During the days of Nimrod (Genesis 11:1-9) satanic false religion led to anarchy and rebellion. Nimrod built a tower called Babel “whose top may reach unto heaven.” Man has always wanted to be their own god and play god over others. If man will not worship the true God then what other spirit will empower him? Satan! Rock and roll singers admit that a spirit takes them over in their concerts! Their music is based in death and mockery of the cross and the Lord Jesus. Men wearing jewelry, tattooing their bodies, and growing long hair began at Babel and these things are part of the rock and roll lifestyle today. Men act and look like women and this has led society to be feminized. The wicked sin of homosexuality is also rampant now. Music is dominate in this day and age, as we hurtle toward the end times found in prophecy.


How perverted and sick that this rap star would compare himself to the suffering of the Lord Jesus!

“Knowing this first, that there shall come in the last days scoffers walking after their own lusts” 2 Peter 3:3

He is one, among most, who mock the Lord Jesus. Notice they never mock Buddha, Mohammad, or any other “religion.” The devil mocks who he fears! He is using rock, rap, and country music to destroy the morals of young people and lead them astray. But here is the rest of the story……


“But thou O God, shalt bring them down into the pit of destruction: bloody and deceitful men shall not live out half their days; but I will trust in thee.” Psalm 55:23


The Average Age At Death of Americans…..75.8 years old

The Average Age of Death Of Rock And Rap Stars…..36.9 years old

The fear of the LORD prolongeth days:
but the years of the wicked shall be shortened.
Proverbs 10:2

Average Age at Death of Included Rock Stars (1) 36.9 Years
Average Age at Death of Americans (2) 75.8 Years
(1) Computed from the included list.
NOTE: This is EVERY death of a Rock star we’ve found. This is NOT a “RIGGED” list to produce FALSE numbers, but an HONEST observation.
(2) From “The World Almanac and Book of Facts”, 1997, p.973
Heart Attack 42 Drug Overdose 40
Misc. Medical 37 Suicide 36
Auto/Cycle Crash 35 Cancer 25
Airplane Crash 22 Unknown 21
Murdered 18 Alcohol 9
Accident 6 Drowned 5
Brain Tumor 4 AIDS 4
Poisoned 3 Leukemia 3
Electrocuted 3 Stroke 3
Fire 3 Choked 2
Total Deaths 321


Johnny Ace 54-12-24 25 Suicide
Nick Acland Lush 96-10-17 30 Suicide
Carl Albert Vicious Rumours 95-04-23 Car accident
Thomas Allen War 88-08-30
GG Allin 93-06-28 36 Drug overdose
Luther Allison 97-08-12 58 Brain tumor
Duane Allman Allman Brothers Band 71-10-29 24 Motorcycle accident
Matthew Ashman Bow Wow Wow 95-11-21 35 Diabetes
Chet Baker 88-05-13 58 Fell out window
Florence Ballard Supremes 76-02-22 32 Medical
Ray Barbieri(Raybeez) Warzone 97-08-11 Pneumonia
Carlton Barrett Wailers 87-04-17 37 Murdered
Stiv Bators Dead Boys 90-06-03 40 Hit by a Car
Paul Beaver Beaver and Krause 75-01-16 50 Heart attack
Chris Bell Big Star 78-12-27 27 Car accident
Jesse Belvin Jesse & Marvin 60-02-06 26 Car Accident
Duster Bennett 76-03-26 29 Car accident
Bert Berns (producer) 67-12-30 38 Heart attack
Alan Blakley Tremeloes 95-..-..
Bobby Bloom 74-02-28 28 Suicide
Mike Bloomfield 81-02-15 37 Drug overdose
Marc Bolan T-Rex 77-09-16 30 Car accident
Tommy Bolin Deep Purple 76-12-04 25 Drug overdose
Graham Bond 74-05-08 36 Suicide
Ronnie Bond Troggs 92-12-.. 49
John Bonham Led Zeppelin 80-09-25 32 Alcohol overdose
Dennes Boon Minutemen 85-12-22 27 Car Accident
David Box Crickets 64-10-23 21 Airplane Crash
Lee Brilleaux Dr. Feelgood 95-04-07 41 Medical
Jo (Jonas) Bruce Afro Celt Sound System 97-10-08 28 Asthma
Roy Buchanan 88-08-14 48 Suicide
Jeff Buckley 97-05-29 30 Drowned
Tim Buckley 75-06-29 28 Drug overdose
Johnny Burnette 64-..-.. 30 Drowned
Cliff Burton Metallica 87-09-27 25 Traffic accident
Paul Butterfield Butterfield Blues Band 87-05-04 44 Medical
Glenn Buxton Alice Cooper 97-10-19 49 Pneumonia
David Byron Uriah Heep 85-02-28 38 Heart attack
Ronnie Caldwell Bar-Kays 67-12-10 19 Airplane crash
Tommy Caldwell Marshall Tucker Band 80-04-28 30 Car accident
Randy California Spirit 97-01-02 45 Drowned
Robert Calvert Hawkwind 88-08-14 42 Heart attack
John Campbell 93-06-.. 41 Heart attack
Karen Carpenter Carpenters 83-02-04 33 Anorexia
Eric Carr Kiss 91-11-24 41 Cancer
Chas Chandler Animals 96-07-17 58 Heart attack
Harry Chapin 81-07-16 38 Car accident
Bill Chase Chase 74-08-12 39 Airplane crash
Miss Christine GTO’s 72-11-05 Drug overdose
John Cipollina Quicksilver Messenger Service 89-05-29 45 Medical
Gene Clark Byrds 91-05-24 49 Heart attack
Steve Clark Def Leppard 91-01-08 30 Alcohol
Walter Clark Chase 74-08-12 25 Airplane crash
Michael Clarke Byrds 93-12-02 50 Medical
Kurt Cobain Nirvana 94-04-05 27 Suicide
Eddie Cochran 60-04-17 21 Car accident
Brian Cole Association 72-08-02 28 Drug overdose
Nat ‘King’ Cole 65-02-15 48 Cancer
Allen Collins Lynyrd Skynyrd 90-01-23 37 Pneumonia
Rob Collins Charlatans 96-07-23 32 Car accident
Brian Connolly Sweet 97-02-09 52 Heart attack
Sam Cooke 64-12-11 33 Murdered
Vincent Crane Atomic Rooster 89-02-01 44 Suicide
Darby Crash Germs 80-12-07 22 Suicide
Jim Croce 73-09-20 30 Airplane crash
Carl Cunningham Bar-Kays 67-12-10 18 Airplane crash
Ian Curtis Joy Division 80-05-18 23 Suicide
King Curtis 71-08-13 37 Murdered
Dalida 87-05-03 53 Suicide
Bobby Darin 73-12-20 37 Heart attack
Cyril Davies Blues Incorporated 64-01-07 31 Leukemia
Pete De Freitas Echo & the Bunnymen 89-06-14 Motorcycle accident
Louise Dean Shiva 95-07-08 24 Car accident
Zenon DeFleur Count Bishops 79-03-17 28 Car accident
Sandy Denny Fairport Convention 78-04-21 31 Fall
John Denver 97-10-12 53 Airplane crash
$nbsp; Dimwit DOA 94-08-27 Drug Overdose
Nicholas Dingley Hanoi Rocks 84-12-08 24 Car accident
Tom Donahue 75-04-28 46 Heart attack
Nick Drake 74-11-25 26 Suicide
Tony Duhig Jade Warrior 91-01-.. Heart attack
Bernard Edwards Chic 96-04-.. 43
Cass Elliot Mamas and Papas 74-07-29 32 Choked
John Emma Chase 74-08-12 22 Airplane crash
Tom Evans Badfinger 83-11-18 36 Suicide
(Hans Holzl) Falco 98-02-06 40 Car accident
Pete Farndon Pretenders 83-04-14 30 Drug overdose
Jimmy Fernandez God Machine 94-05-12 29 Medical
Matthew Fletcher Heavenly 96-06-14 26 Suicide
Tom Fogerty Creedence Clearwater Revival 90-09-22 49 Heart attack
Rhett Forrester Riot 94-01-22 37 Murdered
Melvin Franklin Temptations 95-02-23 52 Medical
Bobby Fuller Bobby Fuller 4 66-07-18 22 Murdered
Billy Fury 83-01-28 41 Heart attack
Cassie Gaines Lynyrd Skynyrd 77-10-20 Airplane crash
Steven Gaines Lynyrd Skynyrd 77-10-20 28 Airplane crash
Rory Gallagher 95-06-14 47 Alcohol
Eric Gale Stuff 94-05-25 55
Rick Garberson Bizarros 79-07-15 Poisoning
Jerry Garcia Grateful Dead 95-08-09 53 Heart attack
Danny Gatton (session musician) 94-10-04 49 Suicide
Marvin Gaye 84-04-01 45 Murdered
Lowell George Little Feet 79-06-29 34 Heart attack
Andy Gibb 88-03-10 30 Medical
Ray Gillen Black Sabbath, Badlands 93-12-01 33 Cancer
Steve Gilpin MI-sex 92-11-25 41 Car accident
John Glascock Jethro Tull 79-11-17 28 Medical
Keith Godchaux Grateful Dead 80-07-23 32 Car accident
Dwayne Goettel Skinny Puppy 95-08-23 31 Drug overdose
Steve Goodman 84-09-20 36 Leukemia
Bill Graham (concert promotor) 91-11-25 60 Helicopter crash
Ric Grech Family, Blind Faith 90-03-17 44 Drug overdose
Albert Grossman 86-01-25 59 Heart attack
Cornell Gunter Coasters 90-02-26 53
Woody Guthrie 67-10-03 55 Medical
Paul Hackman Helix 92-07-05 39 Car accident (tour bus)
Bill Haley 81-02-09 56 Alcohol
Ollie Hallsall Patto, Timebox, Boxer 93-..-.. 43 Heart attack
Pete Ham Badfinger 75-04-23 28 Suicide
Roy Hamilton 69-07-20 40 Heart Attack
Tim Hardin 80-12-29 39 Drug overdose
Slim Harpo 70-01-31 43 Heart Attack
Alex Harvey Sensational Alex Harvey Band 82-02-04 46 Heart attack
Les Harvey Stone The Crows 72-05-03 27 Electrocuted
Donny Hathway 79-01-13 33 Suicide
Ted Hawkins 95-01-01 58 Heart attack
Sean Hayes 95-07-12 49 Aids
Eddie Hazel Parliament, Funkadelic 93-02-.. 42 Medical
Helno Les Negresses Vertes 93-01-21 29 Drug overdose
Jimi Hendrix 70-09-18 27 Drug overdose
Jay Hening Demolition 23 97-04-18 23 Suicide
Gregory Herbert Blood, Sweat & Tears 78-..-.. 28 Drug overdose
Eddie Hinton 95-07-28 51
Bob Hite Canned Heat 81-04-05 36 Heart attack
Eldon Hoke (El Duce) the Mentors 97-04-19 38 Hit by Train
Buddy Holly 59-02-03 22 Airplane crash
James Honeyman-Scott Pretenders 82-06-16 25 Drug overdose
Shannon Hoon Blind Melon 95-10-21 28 Drug overdose
Douglas Hopkins Gin Blossoms 93-12-05 32
Nicky Hopkins (session musician) 94-09-06 50 Medical
Keith Hudson 84-11-14 38 Cancer
Glenn Hughes Village People 2001-03-04 51 Cancer
Alan Hull Lindisfarne 95-11-19 50
Michael Hutchence INXS 97-11-22 37 Suicide
Phyllis Hyman 95-07-03 44 Suicide
O’Kelly Isley Isley Brothers 86-03-31 48 Heart attack
Al Jackson Booker T. and the MGs 75-10-01 39 Murdered
Paul Avron Jeffreys Cockney Rebel 88-12-21 36 Airplane crash
Ken Jensen D.O.A. 95-01-29 Fire
Little Willie John 68-05-27 30 Pneumonia(in prison)
Robert Johnson 38-08-16 27 Poisoned
Billy Jones Outlaws 95-02-.. 45 Suicide
Brian Jones Rolling Stones 69-07-03 27 Drowned
Phalin Jones Bar-Kays 67-12-10 18 Airplane crash
Janis Joplin 70-10-04 27 Drug overdose
Wong Ka Kui Beyond 93-06-30 31 Accident
Terry Kath Chicago 78-01-23 32 Gun accident
Tim Kelly Slaughter 98-02-05 34 Car accident
Wells Kelly Orleans, Meat Loaf 84-10-29 35 Choked
Eddie Kendricks Temptations 92-09-.. 52 Cancer
Frankie Kennedy Altan 94-10-14 38 Cancer
Johnny Kidd 66-11-07 27 Car accident
Freddie King 76-12-28 43 Heart attack
Jimmy King Bar-Kays 67-12-10 18 Airplane crash
Phil King Blue Oyster Cult 72-04-27
Sam Kinison 92-04-10 38 Car accident
Helmut Koellen Triumvirat 77-05-03 27 Poisoning (accidential)
Alexis Korner Blues Incorporated 84-01-01 56 Cancer
Paul Kossoff Free 76-03-19 26 Heart Attack
Fela Kuti 97-08-02 58 Aids
Randy Laire Heathen 92-01-.. Car accident
Martin Lamble Fairport Convention 69-06-01 19 Car accident
Ronnie ‘Plonk’ Lane Small Faces 97-06-04 51 Multiple Sclerosis
Nicolette Larson 97-12-16 45 Medical
Peter Laughner Pere Ubu 77-06-22 24 Medical
John Lennon Beatles 80-12-08 40 Murdered
Philip Lithman Snakefinger 87-07-.. 38 Heart attack
Trevor Lucas Fairport Convention 89-02-04 45 Heart attack
Frankie Lymon The Teenagers 68-02-28 25 Drug overdose
Phil Lynott Thin Lizzy 86-01-04 35 Drug Abuse
Billy MacKenzie Associates 97-01-23 39 Suicide
David Mankaba Bhundu Boys 91-10-.. Aids
Geoff Mann Twelfth Night 93-03-.. Cancer
Richard Manual The Band 86-03-04 42 Suicide
Bob Marley 81-05-11 36 Cancer
Steve Marriott Small Faces, Humble Pie 90-04-20 43 Fire
Van McCoy 79-07-06 38 Heart attack
Jimmy McCulloch Wings 79-09-27 27 Heart attack
Sean McDonnell Surgery 95-01-18 29 Medical
Robbie McIntosh Average White Band 74-09-23 23 Drug overdose
Ron ‘Pigpen’ McKernan Grateful Dead 73-03-08 27 Alcohol
Harold McNair Ginger Baker’s Airforce 71-03-26 Cancer
Clyde McPhatter Drifters 72-16-13 38 Medical
Don McPherson Main Ingredient 71-04-04 39 Leukemia
Joe Meek (producer) 67-02-03 38 Suicide
Harold Melvin Harold Melvin & the Bluenotes 97-03-24 57
Jonathan Melvoin Smashing Pumpkins 96-07-11 34 Drug overdose
Freddie Mercury Queen 91-11-24 45 Aids
Jacob Miller Inner Circle 80-02-21 23
Jimmy Miller (producer) 94-10-22 52 Medical
Country’ Dick Montana Beat Farmers 95-11-.. 40 Heart attack
Keith Moon Who 78-09-07 32 Drug overdose
Jim Morrison Doors 71-07-03 27 Heart attack
Sterling Morrison Velvet Underground 95-08-30 53 Cancer
Bill Murcia New York Dolls 72-11-06 21 Drug overdose
Dee Murray Elton John 92-02-.. 45 Stroke
Brent Mydland Grateful Dead 90-07-01 38 Drug overdose
Don Myrick Earth, Wind & Fire 93-07-30 53 Murdered
Rick Nelson 85-12-31 45 Airplane crash
(Christa Paffgen) Nico Velvet Underground 88-07-18 44 Cerebral Hemorrhage
Harry Nilsson 94-01-15 52 Heart attack
Jerry Nolan New York Dolls, Heartbreakers 92-02-.. 45 Stroke
Yogi Norton Luther Vandross 87-06-.. Suicide
Notorious BIG 97-03-09 24 Murdered
Bradley Nowell Sublime 96-05-25 28 Drug overdose
Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan 97-08-16 48 Heart attack
Laura Nyro 97-04-08 49 Cancer
Berry Oakley Allman Brothers Band 72-11-10 24 Motorcycle accident
Phil Ochs 76-04-07 35 Suicide
Frank O’Keefe Outlaws 95-02-..
Criss Oliva Savatage 93-10-17 Car accident
Roy Orbison 88-12-07 52 Heart attack
Malcolm Owen Ruts 80-07-14 24 Drug overdose
John Panozzo Styx 96-07-16 47 Alcohol
Felix Pappalardi Mountain 83-04-17 43 Murdered
Junior Parker 71-11-18 44 Brain Tumor
Gram Parsons Byrds 73-09-19 26 Drug Overdose
John ‘Jaco’ Pastorius Weather Report 87-09-21 35 Murdered
Mike Patto Patto, Spooky Tooth 79-03-04 36 Medical
Lawrence Payton Four Tops 97-05-.. 59 Cancer
Tracy Pew Birthday Party 86-11-.. 28 Medical
Kristen Pfaff Hole 94-06-16 24 Drug overdose
Esther Phillips 84-08-07 48
John Phillips Mammas and Papas 2001-04-18 65 Heart Failure
Kenny Pickett Creation 97-01-07 49 Heart attack
Jeffrey Lee Pierce Gun Club 96-03-31 37 Stroke
Robert Pilatus Milli Vanilli 98-04-02 32 Medical
Jeff Porcaro Toto 92-08-05 38 Heart attack
William Powel O’Jays 77-05-26 Cancer
Cozy Powell Rainbow, Whitesnake, etc. 98-04-05 50 Car accident
Elvis Presley 77-08-16 42 Drug Overdose
Rainer Ptacek Rainer & Das Combo 97-11-12 43 Cancer
Carl Radle Derek and the Dominos 80-05-30 38 Medical
Bobby Ramirez Edgar Winter’s White Trash 72-07-24 23 Murdered
Joey Ramone Ramones 2001-04-15 49 Cancer
Otis Redding 67-12-10 26 Airplane crash
Keith Relf Yardbirds, Renaissance 76-05-14 33 Electrocuted
Randy Rhoades Quiet Riot, Ozzy Osbourne 82-03-20 26 Airplane crash
J.P. Richardson (The Big Bopper) 59-02-03 24 Airplane crash
Minnie Ripperton 79-07-12 30 Cancer
Mick Ronson David Bowie 93-04-30 47 Cancer
John Rostill Shadows 73-11-01 31 Electrocuted
Dave Rowbotham Durutti Column 92-01-.. 34 Accident
David Ruffin Temptations 91-06-01 50 Drug overdose
Paul Ryan Paul & Berry Ryan 92-12-.. 44
Stefanie Sargent 7 Year Bitch 92-06-27 24 Drug overdose
David Savoy Jr. Husker Du 87-02-.. 25 Suicide
Ingo Schwichtenberg Helloween 95-03-08 29 Suicide
Bon Scott AC/DC 80-02-19 33 Alcohol
Selena 95-03-31 23 Murdered
Tupac Shakur 96-09-13 25 Murdered
Del Shannon 90-02-08 51 Suicide
Will Shatter Flipper 87-12-09 31 Drug Overdose
James Sheppard Shep & the Limelights 70-01-24 24 Murdered
Guitar Slim 59-02-07 32 Pneumonia
Hillel Slovak Red Hot Chili Peppers 88-06-?? 25 Drug Overdose
Fred ‘Sonic’ Smith MC5 94-11-05 45 Heart attack
Ray Smith Heads Hands & Feet 79-11-29 45
Epic Soundtracks Swell Maps 97-11-22 38
Otis Span 70-04-25 40
Vivian Stanshall Bonzo Dog Band 95-03-05 51 Fire
Ian Steward Rolling Stones 85-12-12 47 Heart attack
Billy Stewart 70-01-17 Car Accident
Bob Stinson Replacements 95-02-20 35 Drug overdose
Rory Storm Rory Storm and the Hurricanes 72-09-27 32 Suicide
Lynn Strait Snot 98-12-11 30 Car Accident
Stu Sutcliff Beatles 62-04-10 21 Medical
Vinnie Taylor Sha Na Na 74-04-17 25 Drug overdose
Tommy Tedesco (session musician) 97-10-11 53
Biggie Tempo Bhundu Boys 95-08-13 37 Suicide
Tammi Terrell 70-03-16 24 Brain Tumor
Joe Tex 82-08-13 49 Heart attack
Gary Thain Uriah Heep 76-03-19 27 Drug overdose
Jason Thirsk Pennywise 96-07-28 27 Suicide
Johnny Thunders New York Dolls 91-04-23 38 Drug overdose
Steve Took T-Rex 80-10-27 31 Medical
Peter Tosh 87-09-11 42 Murdered
Nicholas Traina Link 80 97-08-21 19 Suicide (overdose)
Arnie Treffers Long Tall Ernie & the Shakers 95-08-25 48 Cancer
Tommy Tucker Louisiana Red 82-01-17 43
Rob Tyner MC5 91-09-17 46 Heart attack
Richie Valens 59-02-03 17 Airplane crash
Dino Valenti Quicksilver Messenger Service 94-11-16 51
Townes Van Zandt 97-01-01 52 Alcohol
Ronnie Van Zant Lynyrd Skynyrd 77-10-20 29 Airplane crash
Stevie Ray Vaughan 90-08-27 35 Helicopter crash
Henry Vestine Canned Heat 97-10-20 52 Medical
Sid Vicious Sex Pistols 79-02-02 21 Drug overdose
Gene Vincent 71-10-12 36 Alcohol
Jr. Walker 95-12-.. 53 Cancer
Clarence White Byrds 73-07-14 29 Car accident
Danny Whitten Crazy Horse 72-11-18 29 Drug overdose
Simon Wilde DOA 91-05-04 Brain Tumor
Paul Williams Temptations 73-08-17 34 Suicide
Tony Williams Tony Williams Lifetime Band 96-02-23 52 Heart attack
Wendy O. Williams Plasmatics 98-04-06 48 Suicide
Chuck Willis 58-04-10 30 Car Accident
Al Wilson Canned Heat 70-09-03 27 Suicide
Barrie B.J. Wilson Procol Harum 90-10-.. 43 Car accident
Carl Wilson Beach Boys 98-02-06 51 Cancer
Dennis Wilson Beach Boys 83-12-28 39 Drowned
Jackie Wilson 84-01-12 49 Medical
Ricky Wilson B-52’s 85-10-13 32 Cancer
Kurt Winter Guess Who 97-12-15 51 Liver failure
John Christian Wolters Dr. Hook 97-06-16 52 Cancer
Andrew Wood Mother Love Bone 90-03-19 24 Drug overdose
Chris Wood Traffic 83-07-12 39 Medical
Wallace Yohn Chase 74-08-12 27 Airplane crash
Mia Zapata Gits 93-07-07 Murdered
Frank Zappa Mothers of Invention 93-12-04 52 Cancer

For their rock is not as our Rock,. . .
Deuteronomy 32:31

5 Behold, God is mighty, and despiseth not any: he is mighty in strength and wisdom.
6 He preserveth not the life of the wicked:. . .
14 They DIE in youth, and their life is among the unclean.
Job 36:5,6,14

As righteousness tendeth to life: so he that pursueth evil pursueth it to his own DEATH.
Proverbs 11:19

There is a way which seemeth right unto a man, but the end thereof are the ways of DEATH.
Proverbs 14:12

For the wages of sin is DEATH;
BUT the gift of God is eternal LIFE through Jesus Christ our Lord.

Romans 6:23

He that believeth on the Son hath everlasting LIFE:
and he that believeth not the Son shall not see life;
but the WRATH of God ABIDETH ON HIM.
John 3:36

15 See, I have set before thee this day LIFE and GOOD, and DEATH and EVIL;
16 In that I command thee this day to love the LORD thy God, to walk in his ways, and to keep his commandments and his statutes and his judgments, that thou mayest live and multiply: and the LORD thy God shall bless thee in the land whither thou goest to possess it.
17 But if thine heart turn away, so that thou wilt not hear, but shalt be drawn away, and worship other gods, and serve them;
18 I denounce unto you this day, that ye shall surely perish, and that ye shall not prolong your days upon the land, whither thou passest over Jordan to go to possess it.
19 I call heaven and earth to record this day against you, that I have set before you LIFE and DEATH, blessing and cursing: THEREFORE CHOOSE LIFE, that both thou and thy seed may live:
Deuteronomy 30:15-19