Refuting Calvinism

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Refuting Wicked Calvinism / Reformed Theology

Calvinism/”Reformed Theology” is one of the most wicked false doctrines that has ever been spewed! We have done a 5 week study on this lie from the pit of hell. Be edified by this teaching. Intro To The Error Of Calvinism GMFC Bible Study – Refuting Calvinism – Intro to theRead More

Justification by Faith – Works – Election? Romans 3:19-31 Explained

AUDIO TEACHINGS  GMFC Bible Study – Grace & Law 3-4-2017.mp3  GMFC Bible Study – Grace & Works 3-11-2017.mp3  GMFC Bible Study – Grace & Works 2 + Imputed Righteousness + Biblical Perfection 3-18-2017.mp3 Justification by Faith – Romans 3:19-31 Explained The moral law of God is God’s own standard ofRead More