April, 2019

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Excuses & Deceptions of Professing “Christians”

#1 “SOME SAY “YOU CAN NEVER GET REMARRIED IF YOUR SPOUSE IS LIVING”… OTHERS SAY “YOU CAN ONLY DIVORCE FOR FORNICATION”! We are going to define “fornication” as the bible does, not man! Fornication (drunken flirtation/purposeful improper touching of others/purposeful immodesty, etc/all sexual sin, adultery; idolatry=spiritual fornication) Rank adultery andRead More

a loving exhortation to saved sinners

A Loving Exhortation to the Lukewarm “Saved Sinners”

Study notes by brother Pep: WHY SO MUCH WORD /SCRIPTURE IN THIS POST???? I believe the word is powerful and some may finally fall down before the Lord JESUS calling on him as Lord after hearing or reading the word. Examples of how powerful the word is or can be…Read More

it's not my fault banner worldly christian lukewarm

The WORLD Says…”It’s Not My Fault”

“It’s not my fault”… This was spoken to me by an unsaved family member (they profess to know Jesus by their lips but their heart is far from Him”… Sadly typical of the 99%’ers… the professing “Christians”… Proverbs 17:15  “He that justifieth the wicked, and he that condemneth the just,Read More