Miscellaneous Bible Related Insights

It is good to look up any Scripture reference we hear that we are not very familiar with already.  

That is a great protection and it also does much to increase one’s practical knowledge of the Bible.

Jude 3-4 lesson: The common salvation=The faith once delivered to the saints.  They are centered on the Lordship of Jesus Christ.

No one is repentant who is seeking to use God as a means of health and happiness.

Psalm 147:11 proves that hoping in God’s mercy without fearing Him is vain presumption.

True fellowship is tested in one in ten thousand situations.  And there are so many potential situations that every group will face at least one of these.

The problem isn’t religion; the problem is religiosity which gives place for unrighteousness.

Psalm 36:4: All you have to do to be wicked is not abhor all evil.

A related question: Would X amount of dollars (no matter what that amount is) persuade you to commit any sinful act?

Removing Christianity from its Hebrew context leaves you with a Pagan religion.

Everything that doesn’t follow faithful Abraham, whom God separated from the Pagans, is Pagan.

The innovations and subtractions of the Jews before Christ are not any more valid or better than the innovations and subtractions of the Christians after Christ.

Being against modesty standards in church is defending the nakedness of the idolaters.

The letter of the law actually expanded in the New Testament.  

More light means hypocrites have to do more work to justify their walking in darkness.

Those who stay faithful will get the wrath of those who don’t.

Righteousness is actually very hard to maintain.

Consider Micah 6:8.  This is what those who oppose God’s Law actually fight against.

1 Timothy 5:8 proves that those who abort their children are especially bad unbelievers.  

Along with those who applaud/justify such (Romans 1:32).

Consistent, deliberate voice manipulation is a sure giveaway of both a lying politician and a false Christian teacher.

The extremely wicked will surely get theirs in hell; but to expose and judge them in accordance with righteous judicial authority here vindicates righteousness in an even better way (which won’t interfere with their punishment in hell the slightest bit either- consider Ecclesiastes 8:11, and “ministers of God” in terms of earthly authorities in Romans chapter 13).

The doctrine that doctrine isn’t important is a false doctrine.

Even many truly good messages are tragically closed by an appeal that is rooted in emotion.

Luke 17:15-16 is another (and little known) proof that Jesus is God.

The account of Jesus and the Centurion in Matthew chapter 8 illustrates Jesus’ rightful authority to tell everyone what to do.

You will live after the flesh if you don’t strive to put the flesh to death through Jesus Christ.  You have to both know the written Word of God and discern the flesh in order to discern the leading of God’s Spirit (and the Bible warns in 1 John 4 not to believe every spirit).

Romans would have been the most appropriate book to talk about healing in the atonement doctrine if it were actually a Biblical doctrine.  

Also, 1 and 2 Timothy would have been good places to do that too (where we rather see faithful Christians in poor health).

Many actually think that no license for sin and ungodliness= No grace.

Consider Deuteronomy 17:8-14: Not heeding the Judge because you don’t think he gave his sentence with love is not an option.

If men were totally depraved as Calvinism teaches, then there’d be no point trying to tell sinners that they are totally depraved.  They would have zero capacity to understand that anyways if it were true (it’s not true).

Those who oppose Lordship salvation are in trouble with the Lord.

Acting overly authoritative actually shows a lack of authority- or at least a lack of confidence in one’s authority.

Jesus’ command not to judge lest ye be judged is regarding judgment outside the bounds of God’s Law.  When you do that, you risk condemning the just (Proverbs 17:15).

When people hassle you for not having a degree from a 4 year Bible college or seminary, tell them that is way too little Bible training anyways.

When people resort to Romans 3:23 to justify sinning, Psalm 66:18 proves them a fool.  God will not hear us if we regard iniquity in our heart.  That means we cannot be properly related to Him if we regard iniquity in our heart.

Many in Pentecostal/Charismatic circles are very close followers of Herod.  

They hope to see some miracle done by Jesus while they will also take pleasure in watching sexual dances.  

They remain heathens at heart like Herod remained.

Regarding Christmas and Easter: Putting Christ in a Pagan context is the very essence of the corrupted state of the realm of professing Christianity.

Even a “season of giving” is basically a Pagan concept.  Christian giving is not seasonal.

The wise men had done the very opposite and left a Pagan context of worship for the Biblical, Hebrew context of worshiping God.  They found the real Jesus within that context.

It is revealing that many who are admittedly not faithful Christians love Christmas and put up Christmas decorations.

Not entering into shallow psychologically manipulated worship is a very important mark of authentic spirituality before God.

Just like the Jews in Jesus’ time, multitudes of professing Christians also lay aside the Word of God and hold onto man-made tradition, as well as make subtle allowances for sin.

Many take words from  the Bible out of context like the media takes those whom it talks to out of context often.

Consider Revelation 18:17-19 with 1 Timothy chapter 6: All riches are within an hour of potentially coming to nothing.

People are way too quick to label things as hell on earth.

Putting aside differences might put what is true and what is good in danger.

People don’t count on Satan being such a good liar.

Why fellowship with Calvinists?  John Calvin wouldn’t accept anything other than Calvinism.

Titus 3:8 is another strong rebuke to the concept or doctrine of Calvinistic perseverance.

Billy Graham has a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.  

To a true man of God, this would be an insult and a shame.  

Billy Graham promoted New Ager Norman Vincent Peale.

Having people who would hate you no matter what you say or do  is a sign that you may very well be doing something excellent.

So many bad decisions are made because people fear what will happen if they make the right decision.

Carnal people expect God to work in accordance with their own twisted values.

Trying to worship God in the manner of one’s own choosing is the way of Cain.

Abortion supporters are modern worshipers of the Pagan god Molech.

Most pastors only read the Bible for sermon preparation.  

This is violating the Bible’s instructions.

Overcoming in the midst of suffering delivers from the victim mentality.

Solomon in 1 Kings 11:2 is proof that love can indeed be a very destructive and overall bad thing.

Inordinate love destroys people spiritually- and often naturally too.

Immature adults are the ones most sensitive about others talking to them like they are children.

If Biblical tongues are an unintelligible language used for special prayer to God, then Jesus missed His best chance to use them in the Garden of Gethsemane.

I really believe that those who have it relatively good on earth are the ones most likely to blame God for the suffering on earth.

Marriage was instituted before the Fall.  It is not a concession to man’s sin.

Being a sports fan brings one into incredible bondage. 

Super Bowl Sunday alone is proof of that.

Michelangelo’s famous “Dirty David” statue is highly inappropriate and false.  

There is no evidence from the Bible that David fought Goliath while naked.

The same whorish behavior from women which attracts men also causes the same women to leave their man for another one and/or makes the man’s life miserable as he is faced with the fact that his woman is a whore.

Don’t row your boat gently down the stream.  

You will slide into destruction that there is no remedy for.  

The way to life in Jesus Christ to life is narrow and tribulated.

The fish which swallowed Jonah actually saved him from drowning.  

Jonah’s prayer in Jonah chapter 2 demonstrates this.

1 Kings 11:4 with 1 Kings 11:6 lesson: Having a perfect heart with the Lord is possible.  

It is having a heart that goes fully after the Lord.

When the Bible says in 1 Kings 15:3 that Abijam’s heart heart was not perfect with the Lord his God like David’s was, that could have been translated that his heart was “not at peace with the Lord his God.”

Good question for antinomians/Calvinists: Can anyone truly repent towards God without being fully intent on doing works fitting for repentance?

The parable in Matthew 22:1-14 is an example of Jesus rebuking both Jews who blatantly reject Him and wicked professing Christians at the very same time.

There are simply very few churches which would continue existing without blatant compromise holding them together.

John chapter 6 lesson: An illustration of how free grace does not mean unconditional grace.  The people whom Jesus fed did not pay for their food.  But only those who sat down as instructed were fed.

The fear of man is no less common among preachers than it is among teenagers.

When someone thinks that they are at or near the pinnacle of Christianity, that is actually a sign of poor spiritual discernment (at best).

The humility that caused Jesus to enter Jerusalem on a donkey also caused Him to cleanse the Temple shortly afterwards.

The young donkey which Jesus sat upon that no man had ever sat on before had never been used for man’s agendas and programs.

Consider Acts 26:19-21 with Galatians 1:8-9.  

Those who deny Lordship salvation in Christ, and those who in any way deny that faith in Him must be demonstrated by righteous works, preach a false gospel and are accursed.

Daniel 12 proves that those who say that the Hebrew Bible/Old Testament doesn’t teach a resurrection from the dead are lying or simply don’t know it.

That in the resurrection they neither marry nor are given in marriage refutes Mormonism.

The Book of Job refutes reincarnation over and over- especially in chapters 7 and 14.

Ecclesiastes chapter 12 shows another clear proof of the resurrection of the dead right from the Hebrew Scriptures.

Carefully following the instructions from the Bible IS living by faith in the God who inspired it.

Petitioning in prayer for God to do something is pointless if there is something we ought to do regarding the matter which we’re not doing.  

Think of Joshua chapter 7.  There was no point in Joshua praying.  He had to identify and remove both the accursed thing from Israel and whoever possessed it.

When you hear someone using the instance of Jesus turning water into wine to justify Christians drinking alcohol, you don’t need to debate about whether the wine Jesus made had alcohol in it.  Just find out if they are as intent on following everything else the Bible says Christians should do.  They are not.  Why should they be taken seriously in their contention about Christians drinking alcohol then?

The very context of Paul telling Timothy to use a little wine with his water in 1 Timothy chapter 5 actually demonstrates that using wine other than to treat an evident medical condition should be considered out of bounds for those who would be faithful Christians.

If God weren’t a God of judgment, there’d be no need to obtain mercy from Him.

The Bible begins by immediately distinguishing the Creator from His creation.

The antinomian’s own doctrine doesn’t require him to be intellectually honest in his disputes.  

He wants to believe one can be a liar and a Christian at the same time.  

Is it any wonder that he’d be lying as he promotes his doctrine when the doctrine he promotes justifies liars?

Acts 7:59-60: Stephen clearly prayed to Jesus as God here.

John 13 proves that the disciples did not discern Judas’ character right up until the night he betrayed Jesus.

Many don’t understand that it is impossible to magnify the grace of God by presenting it as something that it is not.

Jesus did even better than descending from the cross; and the Jews still generally did not believe Him.  They would have suppressed His descent from the cross like they have sought to suppress His resurrection.

Consider with Jude verse 16: Observe a man when he doesn’t get his way in something which he deems important.

It is even less appropriate to joke about hell than it is to joke about sex.

Elijah asked one widow to help him- and then he supported her.

He didn’t ask every widow in the nation to support him like many corrupt television preachers do.

What many call forgiveness is actually siding with a victimizer and enabling future victimization.  

Such is not Biblical forgiveness.

Many comply with such victimizers out of cowardice and self-preservation.

A wrong view of forgiveness is dangerous.  

One key to being a faithful preacher is to not seek to be an impressive preacher or in any way seek to be known as a great preacher.

2 Timothy 4:6-8 proves that one can be properly assured that they are in God’s grace even though they don’t believe in unconditional security.  

Paul was fighting the good fight, running the Christian course, and keeping the faith.

Unconditional eternal security offers false assurance of being in God’s grace to do those who are not doing this while practically telling them that they don’t need to change.

The Book of Philemon proves that people can indeed turn from sin, follow godly counsel, and so live righteously in God’s eyes.

John 13:13 and 2 Peter 3:17-18 are more proof that those who deny Lordship salvation in Jesus Christ are deceivers who deny the real Jesus of the Bible.

The realm of professing Christianity rewards compromise as the political system rewards compromise.

To many, becoming a pastor is a ticket to a cushy job, a wife, and a place in life.  

Evidenced by the pastor’s present compromise.

Which is sometimes so blatant that the pastor actually believes contrary to his church’s own doctrinal statement.

This is a blatant example of supposing that gain is godliness like 1 Timothy 6:5 speaks of and harshly rebukes.

2 Thessalonians chapter 3 proves that no one can be a faithful disciple of Jesus while they are being lazy and/or otherwise derelict in their duties.

It’s important not to make church unnecessarily tedious for the righteous while also not making it appealing to the wicked in a way which corresponds to their wickedness.

One key aspect of being an overly controlling pastor is asserting oneself to the point where everyone must know that they are the one who (supposedly) knows what they are talking about.  

This is one key reason why many sermons which could have been something like 25 minutes last more like 65 minutes.

You cannot properly deal with someone whom you’re unwilling to say no to.

An adult being single should be considered just as normal as an adult being married.  

Everyone can find at least one phrase in the Bible that they like.

Winning a fight that stemmed from a lack of self-control is a shameful thing.  

It is the opposite of self-defense.

I think the only things that every Roman Catholic Church member agrees upon is that there are problems in the Roman Catholic Church that need to be fixed and troublesome members that need to be dealt with.  So much for the unity of the Roman Catholic Church which it boasts of and pretends to have.

One key problem with emotionalism is the concept that it’s not of God if it doesn’t feel good or move one.  Along with that, not all truth is necessarily exciting or in any way supposed to stir the emotions.

“It requires more courage to suffer than to die.” -Napoleon Bonaparte (not a righteous man, but still a wise insight that we can apply to Christianity like the Apostle Paul used the insights of heathen poets)

Debate can be a wonderful and productive thing among honest people who are seeking the same goal.

Physical pain tends to reveal one’s insecurities.

Truly good leaders seek to raise up others to replace them and do better than them.

Truly knowing God will cause one to say less; and cause what they say to mean more.

Everyone who dies had previously managed to stave off death and continue living.

Jews and Muslims are not agreed on why they reject Jesus as the Son of God.

The weather is proof that no one can prevail against God.

Lightning is not only a reminder that God can strike anyone dead at any moment, it is also a reminder that He has a righteous claim on all of us, that our lives are in His hand, and that He rules over everything.

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