New Testament Bible Study

N.T. Book (Click Book Below For Study)Author Earliest LatestMost Likely
GalatiansApostle PaulA.D. 48A.D. 50A.D. 48
1st ThessaloniansApostle PaulA.D. 50A.D. 52A.D. 51
2nd ThessaloniansApostle PaulA.D. 50A.D. 52A.D. 51
MarkMarkA.D. 45A.D. 60A.D. 48-55
1st CorinthiansApostle PaulA.D. 55A.D. 55A.D. 55
2nd CorinthiansApostle PaulA.D. 56A.D. 56A.D. 56
RomansApostle PaulA.D. 57A.D. 57A.D. 57
JamesJames (half-brother of Jesus)A.D. 38A.D. 62A.D. 50-60
LukeLukeA.D. 57-62
A.D. 57-62
A.D. 57-62
EphesiansApostle PaulA.D. 60-62A.D. 60-62A.D. 60-62
PhilippiansApostle PaulA.D. 60-62A.D. 60-62A.D. 60-62
ColossiansApostle PaulA.D. 60-62A.D. 60-62A.D. 60-62
PhilemonApostle PaulA.D. 60-62A.D. 60-62A.D. 60-62
ActsLukeA.D. 62-63A.D. 62-63A.D. 62-63
TitusApostle PaulA.D. 62A.D. 63A.D. 63
1st TimothyApostle PaulA.D. 62A.D. 64A.D. 63
2nd TimothyApostle PaulA.D. 64A.D. 64A.D. 64
1 PeterApostle PeterA.D. 63A.D. 68A.D. 64-67
2 PeterApostle PeterA.D. 64A.D. 68A.D. 65-68
HebrewsUnknownA.D. 40A.D. 69A.D. 50-68
MatthewApostle MatthewA.D. 40 A.D. 110A.D. 65-70
JudeJude (half-brother of Jesus)A.D. 60A.D. 85A.D. 65-80
JohnApostle JohnA.D. 60’sA.D. 90’s
A.D. 90’s
1st JohnApostle JohnUnknownA.D. 98A.D. 90’s
2nd JohnApostle JohnUnknownA.D. 98A.D 90’s
3rd JohnApostle JohnUnknownA.D. 98A.D. 90’s
RevelationApostle JohnA.D. 68A.D. 97A.D. 95-97

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