Did Jesus Correct Moses

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Biblical Nonresistance & Rebuke of Pacifism

Click here for part 1 Jesus Didn’t Correct Moses – Biblical Non-Resistance & Rebuke of Pacificism – 12-16-2017.mp3 Pacifism is a belief that ALL war & violence is wrong. We are not teaching here that all wars and violence is right. There is the world’s way and the right way (theRead More

Divorce & Remarriage? Did Jesus Come Back to Correct Moses?

Divorce & Remarriage? Jesus Didn’t Correct Moses!

PLEASE NOTE: Clarification and correction needed at about 19 minutes: Should have said: ‘So once the divorce was final they weren’t to remarry each other if either had remarried someone else since. Click for the audio study GMFC Bible Study – Divorce & Remarriage – Did Jesus Come Back to Correct MosesRead More