Is the “Sinners Prayer” in the Bible?

The narrow way is lost!

Sadly, this is what countless false churches and individuals are teaching others as they think they are leading people to Christ. Not so! Please read this in it’s entirety, then click the link at the bottom to learn the biblical Way to The Cross.

Simply pray and ask Jesus Christ to change you TODAY.

God is personally calling you TODAY.

Pray this simple prayer TODAY:

“Lord Jesus, I admit that I am a sinner in need of salvation. Please forgive my sins and come into my life as my Lord and Savior. Give me a new mind, a new heart and a new life. Direct me in my daily decisions so I can turn from sin. Take me to Heaven when I die and fill me with Your Holy Spirit now. Thank You for hearing my prayer and saving my soul TODAY.”

If you prayed this prayer and meant it, Jesus Christ promised to come into your heart, forgive your sins, and give you a new life. It is impossible for God to lie, so receive His love, ride with His peace and begin a new life TODAY.”

This is the most popular teaching coming out of millions of ministries, churches, blogs. etc that is supposed to “save a soul forever”. This is demonic heresy!

The sinners prayer can’t be found anywhere in the word of God, try as you may to piece it together through a few twisted out of context scriptures, and you may come close, but unfortunately this plan does nothing in the heart of the sinner seeking reconciliation with God, and ushers them into the false gospel, of sin, idolatry and complacency.

1, Did Jesus say we must admit we are a sinner to be saved? Or did He say this: “Go and sin no more” “you must repent (stop sinning) or suffer eternal doom” “go and do likewise” “Obey all my commands” “depart from iniquity” crucify your flesh” “prove your repentance by your deeds” and many more commands that must come before one can become born again in the spirit.

2, Are we to receive Jesus, by asking Him to come into our lives, and into our hearts to change us, direct us, and them make us turn from sin? Jesus calls all men to come to Him, to be received by Him through bitter repentance, forsaking all vile sin and rebellion, through a crisis of conviction that comes from the mighty power of the spirit of God, conviction the world of sin, righteousness and judgment. This comes from a faithful heart, obedient to the command to stop sinning, and seek the mercy of God in sack cloth and ashes, which simply means broken, contrite, and empty of self, doing whatever necessary to come clean and pure with God, all from free will and ability to do our part first, which is the deeds worthy of repentance we must do to even be considered by God!

3, The Holy spirit of God will never make abode in a still defiled, double minded soul, who just received Jesus through a simple prayer, God gives His spirit to those who obey Him and totally die in the repentance process, where the flesh(passions and desires to sin) are crucified as commanded.

Those who oppose this false way to the cross today will be shunned and hated by those who call themselves a saved Christian, and for this we can see the evidence of their false conversion, as the real gospel Jesus and His followers preached has been turned upside down and backwards, and made into a simple prayer that leaves the false convert still carnal in heart, mind and soul, receiving nothing but a false sense of security as they think they are cloaked in the righteousness of Christ now received salvation in a neat little package, and now put it on the shelf, it is finished, it is over, nothing more to do than enjoy the ride to paradise when the judgment comes.

This will lead to the pit of hell, there is no salvation in this plan no matter how you slice it, I would encourage and warn all who thought they came into Christ through this plan, to check their heart, check their life and its fruits, and be sure you have not fallen for the great lie of satan, that will deceive many gullible and wilfully ignorant souls, to buy this plan, because it allows you to say you have received Jesus into your heart, when in reality, you are still carnal, under the spirit of error, and any truth that comes your way is of the devil, makes no sense to you, and you refuse to do as Jesus commands, which is simply this:

Jesus said, in Mathew 7:13-14, that there are only two roads to choose, the NARROW ROAD, AND THE WIDE ROAD! But Jesus said many will choose the road that leads to SPIRITUAL DEATH! Which road are you on? There are some things one must do to be sure they are on the narrow road, and apart from these there is NO salvation but death!(1 John 5:12) The truth is simple, REPENT, FORSAKE ALL YOUR SINS! In Repentance you die with Christ (to sin)(Rom ch 6) and your heart is made PURE by Faith Working by Love!(gal 5-6) (1 peter 1-22)(Evidence of a saving faith) Now you OBEY GOD Cleansed, Purged and Scrubbed Clean of all your overflow of wickedness and defilement able to receive with meekness the implanted Word that can SAVE YOUR SOUL!) (Romans 6:4-6, James:21:23) Then Come Sorrowing after the Mercy of God, CLEARED of wrong doings by FORSAKING THEM and making restitution where necessary. Vehemently desiring in your heart to OBEY HIM with great zeal, presuming nothing and plead for Reconciliation. (This is the Model of Redemption set forth in the Bible! (2Cor7:10-11) Thus the TRUE MEANING OF BIBLE REDEMPTION: ‘Release from bondage by Payment of Ransom! ’ What Jesus did on the Cross was NOT take anyone’s place, BUT Provide Himself as A SIN OFFERING to Ransom Man and turn him from Darkness to Light, from the Power of Satan to God!(Acts 26-18) Hence the ‘Works’ of the Devil are DESTROYED and Man can be Restored to an upright heart. Now the Bible makes sense! DEEDS will be the deciding factor in your final Salvation, not some mystical Trust in an illusion. (Rom2:7-8, 1Pet1:17) Professed Christians today are believing ‘Everything’ but the Truth. Simply because most of them have NEVER been exposed to the truth. It’s an unfortunate reality however that their belief Systems has a very Strong tendency to Silence their Conscience to the CONVICTING POWER of the Holy Spirit. Thus when they do hear the Truth it cannot Cut them to the heart so that they would be MOTIVATED TO REPENT. When a person is convinced that some form of Doctrine is Correct, it is almost impossible to persuade them otherwise. To them the Bible Supports their fallacies and absolves them from Obedience. Given that the Substitution Model provides the PERFECT excuse for Sin, there is NOT much of a chance many will escape its clutches and see the Light before their time is up. If You Believe in God and Trust that Jesus is your Savior you NEED to get this Right! The Foundation on which you stand should be deeply rooted in the Truth. Don’t rely on someone else to dig for you. (Luke 6:46-49)CHOOSE THE RIGHT ROAD! AND REMEMBER SIN IS A CHOICE, NOT A DISEASE WE INHERITED, OR WERE BORN INTO! Repent first. Seek HIS mercy, and get BORN AGAIN!(John 3:3) The Holy Spirit, can now indwell you, to produce good fruit, and guide you into all righteousness and TRUTH!(Eph 5:18)! Now fear God hope in His great mercy, forsake all the dead things of this world, and serve Him to the bitter end!

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