Warring Against the Jezebel Spirit (Concise Version)

Warring Against the Jezebel Spirit (Concise Version)

Not every woman is a Jezebel.  Don’t see this message as an attack on women in general.  But know also that the type of person most likely to claim that a study like this is an attack on women in general would be a Jezebel woman working to justify herself, and cover for herself, after being exposed.  And another big candidate to claim this would be a man who is under the power of a Jezebel woman.  

There is such a thing as godly assertiveness which women ought to exercise occasionally.  The Jezebel though is a predator herself who would rule and dominate all men through seduction and all manner of psychological manipulations.  She connives, she threatens in blatant or subtle ways, and she is not content with the God-given roles of a woman.  It is no wonder that there are modern feminists who boldly declare themselves to be Jezebels; and who actually praise the Jezebel of the Bible as a great woman.  

The Jezebel may claim she is just as strong and capable as a man is, she may act aggressively, and yet she will cry abuse and victimization when she is overpowered and subdued.  She may begin to attempt a logical debate to show why she should get her way, yet she will throw a tantrum when logic has proved her to be in the wrong.  She wants control, yet she does not want an equal playing field and to be left to the quality of her own merits in determining whether she will get it.  Otherwise, she would not be a Jezebel (at least not a very effective one).  Instead, she plays an intricate mind game to cast off male domination and rule over men, while employing the powers of the male for her own ends.  She is dangerous- and if she had her way, like the Jezebel of the Bible sought to do, she would destroy every faithful preacher of God’s Word (in terms of influence at least). 

No preacher can be faithful to God’s Word without addressing the sins of women.  The Bible has a lot to say about sins which women commonly practice.  Yet Scriptures which deal with such are often not touched, or at least not handled thoroughly and honestly, by many churches.  This is often due to the influence and intimidation of Jezebels.  And yet such Scriptures are necessary to hold the lines of Biblical righteousness, to rebuke the Jezebels, to warn all of Jezebel’s influence, to keep men from Jezebel’s seduction, and to kill the deadly seeds of Jezebel characteristics in females which the influences of sin in their flesh and in society are powerfully watering.  An example of such a Scripture would be Proverbs chapter 7, which describes the workings of the harlot.  And not only a harlot, but a predatory Jezebel in action.

Where have society and churches most practically strayed from Biblical teachings?  Quite possibly in areas which pertain to women.  This is the result of feminist/Jezebel influence. Through the same influence men are generally vilified in churches while women in general are exalted.  Pastors also don’t normally teach, much less do they enforce Biblical commands on modest dress and forbidding displays of vanity in fashion.  They don’t want an outcry from the Jezebels!   

Note the luxury, the costliness, and the vainglorious jewelry of the harlot church in Revelation 17:1-6, the ultimate representation of Jezebel as an institution and corporate entity.  And by the way, also look at her judgment in the next chapter, along with the insight into her wicked heart.  Revelation 18:7-8: “How much she hath glorified herself, and lived deliciously, so much torment and sorrow give her: for she saith in her heart, I sit a queen, and am no widow, and shall see no sorrow. Therefore shall her plagues come in one day, death, and mourning, and famine; and she shall be utterly burned with fire: for strong is the Lord God who judgeth her.”

Here are some very key qualities men need to develop in order to not be candidates for being brought under the power of a Jezebel.  Bringing men under her control is an essential aspect of Jezebel’s mission.  This defined the actual Jezebel of the Bible.  

– Rejection enticement by outward beauty, fashion, other feminine charms etc.  Men must fully believe Proverbs 31:30 without wavering: “Favor (charm) is deceitful, and beauty is vain: but a woman that feareth the Lord, she shall be praised.”  Jezebels prey on superficial men by their own specialization in superficiality.  Remember how when Jehu had just been anointed as King of Israel, and was coming to kill Jezebel (as a judgment by God for Jezebel’s own murders which she committed), she painted her face (i.e. put on make-up) to try to seduce him.  Jehu, unlike Samson, chose to be blind to the harlot and wasn’t swayed by his mission due to this.  This also gives insight into why it is right for parents and Pastors to forbid wearing make-up to those under their authority.  Make-up gives the connotation (i.e. implied underlying message) of boldness, impudence, seduction, etc.  Jezebels often rely on make-up; and it would be hard to find a Jezebel who didn’t wear it (though such would be an especially subtle and dangerous Jezebel).  Make-up, when understood at its roots, is not just about “looking good.”  It is also worth noting that it was two eunuchs who turned on Jezebel and threw her out of the window to her death at Jehu’s command.  There is a lesson there in how Jezebel couldn’t tempt the eunuchs.  We need to exercise blindness to the things which seductive women use to seduce men, even if we have not been castrated like a literal eunuch.  Further related to that, we move on.

– We should understand from the heart that the Bible shouldn’t be interpreted through the norms of modern culture.  Very closely related to that,  we should understand that modern culture is highly corrupt and highly corrupted by feminism.  It is only because of feminist influence that the concept of a woman being a Pastor or a woman being President (or Vice-President) is not typically considered very improper and out of order in our time.   1 Timothy 2:11-14: “Let the woman learn in silence with all subjection.  But I suffer not a woman to teach, nor to usurp authority over the man, but to be in silence.  For Adam was first formed, then Eve.  And Adam was not deceived, but the woman being deceived was in the transgression.”  It is a violation of Scripture then to sit in a church under a woman Pastor or in a church where there are women in any way exercising spiritual authority over men.  And if that sounds strange to you, then you likely have been too trusting of modern culture, and of culture in general, not sufficiently regarding that the whole world lies in wickedness (1 John 5:19).  The things which the Apostles would not suffer (i.e. not permit) we should not partake of in any way.  When anyone, man or woman, sits under female leadership in a church, they are suffering what the Apostles would not suffer, they are enabling the Jezebel spirit, and they are enabling what God calls disorder.  This is rebellion to God’s design.  This is why Satan especially promotes woman leadership in the church, this is the root of feminism, and this is what Satan is ultimately after in pushing feminism.  This matter is truly a big deal.

– Men must embrace authority which God has appointed for them and not back down from that- even unto death if necessary.  Men need to make decisions where they have been put in charge according to God’s order.  They need to hold and enforce Biblical lines- and not back down from doing so for anyone or anything.  Consider how improper it would be for a Pastor to let a stranger come into his church and just take over teaching.  That would not be a faithful shepherd.  Consider how improper it would be for a father to let a stranger come into his home, sleep in his bed with his wife, and act like he were the father of his children.  We’d know he was majorly effeminate and a coward.  And yet the man could not be much better who lets a woman, whether that be his wife or another woman, manipulate and/or contradict how he governs and guides his home or his church!  

Both church leaders and fathers need to understand what is really going on in, and related to, the places where they have jurisdiction.  They need to put their foot down by forbidding improper influence, the promotion of ungodly concepts, and they need to enforce righteousness according to Biblical terms.  This obviously can result in fights and carries the risk of looking like “the bad guy.”  Calling out Jezebel, rebuking her, and forbidding her seductive ways has always been controversial and has always potentially involved a fierce fight.  And that is especially true in our day.  Insecure men are very vulnerable to being stepped on by Jezebel and taken advantage of by her.  But remember how the faithful are victorious over Satan.  Revelation 12:10: “And they overcame him by the blood of the Lamb, and by the word of their testimony; and they loved not their lives unto the death.”  

Jezebel has been known to falsely accuse and feign harm to herself that isn’t real, but we can and should cast ourselves into God’s hands, trusting ourselves to Him in well-doing no matter the consequences.  The fact is we have already lost and suffered irreparable harm if we let the fear of a fight and fear of a woman’s rage or false accusation cause us to back down from what is right in God’s eyes.  Jezebels are indeed angry women.  They insist on having their way- and when they don’t get it, they want to make the one stopping them to have to pay hell for it.  Look at these pro-choice women protesting the overturning of Roe v. Wade.  They don’t resort to logic to make their point.  They resort to rage and profanity.  I have never, to my memory, heard an abortion supporter try to defend their stance without rage or profanity (and often both). They don’t care about logical debate nor are they concerned about the immorality of abortion, because the issue to them is one of control.  Control is their god.  They don’t care beyond that.  Yet they also foolishly don’t consider that they are under the control of a masculine spirit which hates them, wants to destroy them eternally, and uses them as a tool in his hand (and his name is Lucifer and Satan, by the way).  

As ugly as Jezebel’s rage is, it doesn’t accomplish anything for her unless it causes those with the power to stop her to cave in and bow to her demands.  And that is what we see in churches all over the place now.  It is of note that when Jehu was coming to kill Jezebel and she threw an angry false accusation at him (after she saw that seducing him wasn’t going to work), he ignored her and spoke around her to those with her in the house who were in a position to cast her down out of the window.  Those under your authority and those whom you have opportunity to influence should be warned about Jezebels, taught about their villainous ways, and guided in how to stand against them.  Jezebel is very limited when the common people are against her; and Jezebel will not be defeated until some common people resist her. Though we must war against Jezebel, we should never play her game.  She thrives on seduction, emotion (especially anger), false accusation (especially when rage or seduction are things she sees aren’t going to work), and all manner of conniving.  Don’t get into a heated argument with her and don’t get emotional with her.  I’m not saying there isn’t a time to tell her a furious no and/or a time to tell her to get out, but I would make sure that God is with you, time this so that it is likely to work, and be ready to stand by such a moment afterwards so that you will not need to apologize for it (and don’t apologize when you really didn’t do anything wrong, even as Jezebel or someone under her power calls you a bad guy for doing what was actually right in God’s eyes).  Jezebel needs to be stood against, told a firm no, and then have her rage, threats, and false accusation ignored- or if not possible, dealt with appropriately and swiftly.  And there is an all-powerful God in heaven whose eyes are upon the righteous and His are open to their prayers.  But make sure you’re on His side and have clean hands and a pure heart before Him.

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