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Tracts are in a .pdf format ready to print, fold, staple when applicable, and distribute.

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Witnessing Helps:

  • 1 John 1:8 – The book of 1 John is a road map to Holiness. Ironically, one of the main verses used to defend “sinning Christianity” comes from this book. God can and will deliver you from sin if you will just believe Him to do so.   .pdf file downloadone page ready to fold in the middle and distribute. 

  • A Defense of Open-Air Preaching- Scriptural and historical defense of the most used method of evangelism in the Bible.  .pdf file download

  • Faith That Saves From Sin – Salvation and deliverance from sin comes BY FAITH!  So unless you get rid of bad thinking and start believing, start setting your faith and confidence that deliverance is available to you… you will always live a defeated life.    .pdf file download prints in booklet form, 2 pages. (revised 02/11)

  • Judge NotIs it right to judge? Too often we have heard sincere, misinformed Christians and unbelievers alike say, “I don’t want to judge anybody, but…”   .pdf file downloadone page ready to fold in the middle and distribute. 

  • Romans 7 Paul or Saul?  This article explains Paul’s description of his pre-conversion experience of trying to serve God under the LAW.  Later in Romans 8 Paul describes the victorious Christian experience of serving God under GRACE – a God-glorifying life of loving obedience to Christ.   .pdf file download – one page ready to fold in the middle and distribute. 

How To Be Born Again – A Basic and straight forward article on how to become a Christian. .pdf file download – read to print and fold in half.  A great tool to just pass when witnessing.

Teachings For the Church:

Modern Modesty This is our most read article. Modesty is a timeless Biblical principle, but how does it affect us in 2011? Modern modesty is a term not very talked about in our world today. Most articles dealing with Christian modesty try to persuade the modern Christian to live in a cultural time period prior to the 21st century. In this article we will attempt to defend the Biblical principle of modesty as taught in the Bible with a modern application relevant to our culture today.

  • Question and Answer From the Article on Modern Modesty .pdf file download – ready copy to print in booklet format. Print both sides, fold in half, staple, and distribute.

  • Show And Tell EvangelismThis article explores the mandate to evangelize the lost in the power of the Holy Ghost. Paul says, “Through mighty signs and wonders, by the power of the Spirit of God; so that from Jerusalem, and round about unto Illyricum, I have FULLY preached the gospel of Christ” (Romans 15:19).

The Fallacies Of Moral Government TheologyMoral Government Theology (modern day Finneyism)  is the result of an overreaction to the errors of Calvinism.  While Calvinism errs to one side of the spectrum, Moral Government Theology errs by swinging the pendulum to the other extreme and presenting an unbalanced theological view as well.  The following articles were written from an Armenian perspective. Because Modern Finneyism / Moral Government Theology is a popular system of theology among open-air preachers, we  take a stand and therefore distance ourselves from this error.  We hope to spare some young aspiring open-air preachers from being distracted and hindered by the fallacies of this theology.

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