The Right Attitude To Money

The following is a message from Pastor Zac Poonen on, “The Right Attitude to Money.”Money contentment

      • People used to think that all wholehearted Christians must be poor.  Now there is the teaching that wholehearted Christians must be rich.  Both are unscriptural extremes.
      • The two masters Jesus tells us we cannot serve (we must hate one and love the other) are God and mammon (which is money).
      • If money rules over you, you cannot serve God.
      • If you are not faithful in unrighteous mammon, how will God trust you with the true riches of Heaven: revelation from God’s word, transformation into Christ’s character, and anointing for the ministry.
      • To be devoted to God is to despise money.  You must come to the place where if you gain money it doesn’t excite you, and if you lose money it doesn’t depress you.