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God’s Crucible – Life in a Biblical Church

A highly recommended book which biblically describes what a New Testament fellowship (Church) is and how it functions. It’s one thing to come out of the heretical denominational (and most non-denominational) “churches”, however, it’s imperative you strive to get into a true, properly functioning Christian fellowship ASAP. If you are not in one or are in a false church, this book will help you discern what one should look like and what God commands for proper Church order, oversight, etc. Other doctrinal books are at the bottom of this page and are highly recommended reading for the seeker of Christ Jesus.

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Audio Files Below:

Chapter 1 – The Ultimate Test of Faith
Chapter 2 – The Divine Crucible
Chapter 3 – Due Order
Chapter 4 – Biblical Submission to Authority
Chapter 5 – Corporate Accountability
Chapter 6 – Zeal
Chapter 7 – True Love
Chapter 8 – Persecution
Chapter 9 – Bible Preaching
Chapter 10 – Christian Service
Chapter 11 – The Passing of the Mantle
Chapter 12 – The Final Analysis

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