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Building on Bedrock

A highly recommend book that takes you on the missionary outreaches of the first century disciples and so much more. Are you “walking as HE (Jesus) walked” (1st John 2:6)? A great book to read to see if you truly are. Also, a great study for pastors, elders, etc.

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Below is an audio reading of the book.

Chapter 1 – Bruising the Serpents Head
Chapter 2 – Messiah Immanuel
Chapter 3 – The Word Becomes Flesh
Chapter 4 – Favor With God & Man
Chapter 5 – The Ministry of Messiah Begins
Chapter 6 – The First Passover of Christ’s Ministry
Chapter 7 – The Second Passover
Chapter 8 – Third Passover
Chapter 9 – The Lamb Presented
Chapter 10 – The Lamb Bound
Chapter 11 – The Lamb Slain
Chapter 12 – The Resurrection of Christ
Chapter 13 – The Lord’s Day
Chapter 14 – 40 Days of Kingdom Instruction
Chapter 15 – Pentecost Sunday
Chapter 16 – The First Twelve Years
Chapter 17 – The Conversion of Cornelius
Chapter 18 – The Church at Antioch in Syria
Chapter 19 The Council of Jerusalem
Chapter 20 – Paul’s Second Missionary Journey
Chapter 21 – Paul’s Third Missionary Journey
Chapter 22 – Paul’s Arrest and Trials
Chapter 23 – Paul in Rome and Beyond
Chapter 24 – The Destruction of Jerusalem
Chapter 25 – The Apostle John’s Writings
Chapter 26 – Second Century Christendom
Appendix A – Did Jesus Make & Drink Wine
Appendix B – Moral- Civil & Ceremonial Law
Appendix C – First Century Baptism
Appendix D – Did The Apostles Carry Swords