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Biblical Love Charity Almsgiving

What is Biblical Love?

An incredible 2 part study on Biblical Love. It’s not the fluffy, non-convicting false “love” the world has. It’s true godly love that convicts and chastened. It’s true charity… STUDY NOTES PART 1 There is truly nothing greater than GOD’s love. Even Aleister Crowley has his own version of loveRead More

Almsgiving Tithing


STUDY NOTES: 1) YOU CAN’T BRIBE GOD! 2) True almsgiving is a remedy for coveteousness. 3) False almsgiving can be a way to justify covetousness! OLD TESTAMENT TITHE (3.3 percent or 10 percent once in 3 years was given away)! Deu 14:22  Thou shalt truly tithe all the increase ofRead More